Aging – gratefully.

Sometimes I wonder if writers are telepathically connected because often, it seems that we percolate on a like subject simultaneously. Today was one of those days.

Early this morning, I happened past a post about Melissa Gilbert and aging gratefully. How I could relate yet not having had the time to read the message in depth, I perused just enough to plant the seeds of thought at the start of my day.

Mid-day during a stretch break, I had the good fortune of seeing an article published by a fellow writer and lovely human, and made the time to read it. Ironically, it was on aging and how we trade the beauty of youth for sage inner beauty.

Never should we fear, loathe, or regret aging – some are denied the privilege, as the saying goes. Birthdays are a gift and every day is a blessing, no matter what our age.

It’s not without its woes, that’s for sure.

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I’m officially getting old – lucky me!

Enough said, end of post. Just kidding.

We’ve all seen the elderly gentleman who is in the supermarket rocking shorts, knee-high socks, and sandals. Or the elderly woman who is out in her housecoat and slippers with her make-up just a bit too bright or, misplaced completely.

But I bet we never stopped to think, how liberating!

How wonderful it must be to reach an age when such superficial, vain matters become irrelevant.

An age when we are simply satisfied to wake-up on the right side of the grass, no daisies that we’re pushing up.

An age when we actually don’t sweat the small stuff because we’ve learned that when we do, we just sweat. That’s it – sweat. It solves nothing. It robs us of the present. And life will happen anyway.

Man plans. God laughs.

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