It’s gay pride month.

If you’re homophobic, please use this month to ask yourself why.

Even if our religious beliefs speak out against homosexual behavior, ask yourself if that’s truly right. Shouldn’t religion be about acceptance, no matter who someone is or who they choose to love? We don’t have to like it, but we don’t have to be against it either. Shouldn’t religion seek to embrace others, not ostracize them in the name of God or another higher power?

Live and let live.

There is a lot of stuff going on today that we may not understand, and maybe we’re not meant to – but we can be compassionate, kind and tolerant.

In celebration of all my gay and lesbian friends, I support you. What a gift your friendship is in my life.

Author: E.M. Murphy

A voracious writer, lifetime learner and eternal seeker who aims to open minds and hearts. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist, humanity and humor is at the heart of my writing, reminding us that the key to success will always start with a genuine concern for others while making sure to be true to our authentic selves.

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