It’s National Video Game Day!

Do you have a favorite video game or fun memories of those you played growing up?  I do!

Frogger, Galaxia, Donkey Kong, Defender, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man – to name a few!  I remember my skate breaks at the roller rink when I would find myself a bit too interested in them, making it tough to get back out there and practice. And I remember killing time before a movie, back when the theaters had sticky floors and seats that creaked, by playing video games. I can picture it like it was yesterday and hear the sounds of each of them.

It sure has changed today and video gaming has elevated to a whole new level of skill. I’d need a 10-year old to show me the ropes. for sure.

I hope that this post takes you for a walk down memory lane. National Video Game is meant to do just that – to commemorate the games that had an impact on our lives, the technical art involved in making such games, and the skill set the pro game players have.