Quote of the day.

In honor of National Flag Day.

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.” — Mark Twain

May we remember, or choose to acknowledge, that our flag is a symbol of our freedom. It is a symbol of respect for those who fought and sacrificed for our country. It is a reminder that if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have the privilege to speak out, be heard and fight for what we believe in – no matter what we believe in.

May we look back on our history and not erase it, but acknowledge it and learn from it.

May we bury the wrongdoings of our ancestors and work together on truly uniting.

May we work together as a people and not be told how to think or what to do by our government or the media. They are not cult leaders, but elected officials who represent all people – not just some people.

Let’s not fuel the current climate of racism, hate and intolerance, the us against them mentality.

Let’s unite in a country where we are free to be, you and me.

Author: E.M. Murphy

A voracious writer, lifetime learner and eternal seeker who aims to open minds and hearts. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist, humanity and humor is at the heart of my writing, reminding us that the key to success will always start with a genuine concern for others while making sure to be true to our authentic selves.

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