I’m a junkie.

I have an overwhelming need. A raging desire. A void that beckons to be filled. I can’t deny it. I can’t fight it. It can lie dormant for short periods of time, letting me think that I am freed from the chains that bind me, then slowly and sneakily creeps it’s way to the forefront of my mind. It is a hunger of sorts, a gnawing on my psyche that eats away at my discipline until I feel starved. That starvation results in weakness, an incessant craving that grips me and won’t let go. I have to have it. I can’t control it. Give it to me now.

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When did we become so ugly?

With the range of diverse opinions and social commentary surrounding us these days – whether we overhear it in the supermarket, read it on social media or participate in an exchange ourselves when making small talk – I can’t help but scratch my head, asking myself when we grew so ugly as a society?

Raised by generations that discouraged speaking publicly about religion or politics while Archie Bunker – the most politically incorrect of all – bellowed from living rooms everywhere, there was a time when civil proclivity, common courtesy and respect for one’s fellow (wo)man were the norm. Manners were considered commonplace and not airing one’s dirty laundry – whether your own or the opinions you held about others – was the standard.

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The conflict of shame.

They say that we learn things like hate, shame, racism, prejudice, insecurity, fear – we are not born that way. And I found that notion floating through my mind over the course of today.

Some of us do harbor an innate sense of insecurity, fear or many other possible personality traits. But I question if ‘they’ are right. Is it innate – or was it cumulative comments, experiences and judgments that resulted in our feeling the way we feel?

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