3 Tips to Help You Disconnect in a 24-hour Virtual World

“Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

Many of us have tossed that saying around from time to time, most often in humor, but quite possibly with complete conviction.

There have always been those who obsessively called others, those who love to talk – or be heard – on the phone.  Those who need to fill every moment of silence with something – anything – to feel good.

Once upon a lifetime ago, we were only subject to this at home.  Long before cell phones, we had this thing called a landline. Continue reading “3 Tips to Help You Disconnect in a 24-hour Virtual World”

Forever a part of me.

In honor and memory of our dearest and closest friend, Barbara Leonardi. We love you.

I learned this morning what it was like to lose your best friend.

To awake to the hard, cold fact that you’ll never see her again. That you’ll never hear her voice on the other end of the receiver, with her warm greeting that we share, “Hello, my friend.”

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