Election fraud? We have bigger issues, like integrity.

The heightened sensitivity, anger and excitement around this election is wild – and understandably so. 

However, as I have said throughout the campaign, I feel that people have lost sight of what is fair and what is just. The hate is stronger than the sense of decency. People have taken sides and I hear nothing but blame, outrage and criticism. It’s us against them. It’s you against me. It’s I cannot bring myself to get along with you if you don’t agree with me.

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It’s OFFICIALLY Election Day.

What a long, heated and all-consuming campaign! What will we all be watching, listening to and talking about when we find out who the President of the U.S.A. will be for the next four years?

I enjoy politics, yet I’m not political. I love my country, though I have a universal heart. I believe in freedom, democracy and a united nation – and sadly, I’ve not seen much of this over this past year.

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Life’s short – put your tree up!

Though many said bah-humbug to my enthusiasm in putting up my holiday decorations on Halloween, I didn’t let it deter me or change my mind!

The holiday season is short and in my opinion, we don’t truly get the time to enjoy it enough between the pressure of shopping, wrapping, socializing and more. The holidays can pass us by because we are living in the high speed lane, so focused on what we need to do and where we need to get to that we forget to simply enjoy and appreciate.

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Monthly newsletter sign-up.

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A seasonal reminder.

As a native New Englander, I know that snow is possible on any given day or night. The seasons do change if we are lucky, but there are some years when we only get two – winter and summer. This is why I invite you to pay attention to the gift of each day, every change in the temperature and landscape that creates the painting in which we exist.

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Clouds above, sunshine within.

We’ve made it to Wednesday! It’s a cloudy day here in New England and it got me to thinking about the weather.

Now I’m not like most. It seems that the average person lives for summer and cannot wait for flip-flops, heat and pretty umbrella drinks! They loathe winter and dread the snow, bitter cold temps and – that dreaded activity – shoveling.

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Saturday thoughts.

Good morning from New England, where it’s a damp, cold and rainy this morning – an ideal Fall morning for sleeping in! This is my favorite time of year and winter is a close second. There is something peaceful and restorative about these months – though many would disagree!

Slowly savoring a cup of tea and playing with the pup, I’m enjoying the luxury of time in peace and quiet, with no morning hustle and no schedule to adhere. It’s short-lived, but these are the moments I cherish!

So how will you spend this day? Make it a good one.

Friday thoughts and goals

Happy Friday everyone! For those working, homeschooling and juggling a multitude of responsibilities, today may offer you light at the end of the work week tunnel. May the weekend on our horizon offer you some reprieve from the madness.

How about social media? Since starting my blog and actively writing, publishing and promoting again, I have found myself online a lot. Though it has it’s positive points and I enjoy it to a degree, I’m finding that I want to pull back a bit and be on there less frequently. It’s a conundrum, because I may miss an opportunity if I miss a post or message, but it also beckons me back to the present. Multi-tasking is a skill, however, it can also be a distraction – especially to a gal like me who is now in my 50’s! The mind doesn’t bounce around as well as it used to, just like other parts of me!

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